14 June 2014

Kinds Cause Factor Diabetes

Kinds cause factor diabetes start from genetic factor,from out factor at about 95% diabetes case in Indonesia is diabetes II. This condition proves that many people who applies unhealthy life style. For instance they do not arrenge their  food their food. the following are the cause of diabetes:

Generic factor is a person who suffer diabetes, if their parent ever suffer it. A boy has possibility, bigger than a girl. The upper age of 40 is more suspectible but it doesnot indicate that the lower is free from this illness. Next is Unhealthy Food will cause diabetes if it happens for a long time and diabetes type 1 will disturb stimulation cel-cel pangkreas Beta insulin if a lot of high food calori. Strees can give effect to the function of insulin. The expert of Karolinska institute,swedia find that man with high strees has high risk of diabetes II. Compare with high strees low physycology.

Unorganize sport,sport is not only can prevent fat doing sport regulary can our degress of sugar pregnant, in pregnant usually appear of diabetes .cause in pregnant can to rise bad impact for baby in pregnant.if soon don’t something medice with teratur,diabetes wil to rise just for pregnant period and after birth.

Cigeratte and alcohol drink can to rise diabetes type II, Zat normikotin (anything zat can to steam volatil) in cigeratte can high diabetes. Next is Virus and bactery cause diabetes as like rubella mumps and human coxackvievirua B4. This virus can disturb on auto-imunitas reaction to vanish auto-imun in beta cel. Also with insulin sitolitik in beta cel.

Toksik material can disturb Beta cel example alloxan rodensida and streptozoctin. Causes of diabetes insulin hormone cann’t work with optimal,so pancreas organ in body cann’t again production insulin hormon with sum enough.but insulin hormon is very important to metabolisme and glukosa in body.

Kinds causes food diabetes is White rice may be rice become the first food by Indonesian. But for fat person or obsitas. White rice  a lot of  karbohidrat next will become glukosa in body. Then White rice better consumtion red rice may be is  the best to health and has complex karbohidrat. Noodle is anything food example that karbohidrat. Total in Noodle  a lot of consumtion every day will able to high effect diabetes illness.
Paste anything causes diabetes,also has moderate karbohidrat and can live become glukosa in body. Sweat food example food causes diabetes is small cake,sweat bread,snack,candy etc. sweat drink anything causes diabetes is drink water that with sugar example syrup better than drink white water.
Actually Causes of Diabetes Sweat tea in that can 250-300 calory and too many our consumtion can be causes diabetes.because Fried shape small and then high causes and as like subsitute is japan peanut or fruit pie, like with usually too many meal also causes diabetes because in meal there isn’t womb and not well in meal implied too many sugar and flour so high sugar nature in blood, As like subsitute is frees fruit.and if we a few sleep for three day also causes glukosa low and causes diabetes.and solution is sleep not to little from six hours in a day more than eight in a day.

Lazy to activity WHO said “Diabetes in asia country will high 90 % in next twenty year .in conclusion if a few activity will obsitas high more than they diligent to drive by cycle and solution is to drive by cycle everyday.
Use Contraseption too many consumtion medicine contraseption will pancreas to be letih and not function with well,and the solution is time limited to use medicine hormonal don’t more from fove year. Afraid skin become black in journal diabetes case,she has high vitamin D and calcium will a little diabetes II because Vitamin D help body metabolism to work. So if we cann’t that like is the best don’t that all and we also take care our body.

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